Banner ad campaigns are a great way of creating brand awareness, encouraging engagement from potential and existing clients and can even produce a good return on investment. It is therefore extremely essential and beneficial to carefully plan your campaign.

Here are 5 tips for planning your banner ad campaign;

  1. Determine the objective of your campaign
    Whether you’re looking to generate leads or increase sales; understanding the objective of your campaign can make all the difference.
  2. Define your target market
    It is important to establish who you would like your banner ad to reach and what message you will be conveying to them.
  3. Do your research
    This will help you find the medium that works best for your campaign considering factors such as site traffic and even ad server used.
  4. Select the best website to reach your specific target audience and meet set objectives.
    The wide variety of options available to advertisers will allow you to select industry-specific websites that best suit the requirements of the campaign.
  5. Get creative with your banner
    Ensure that your banner will not get lost in the crowd paying special attention to influencing factors such as calls to action, colour, banner size and adherence to guidelines and regulations.
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