Selecting the right banner size for your ad can contribute significantly to its clicking success.Reader-friendly formatssuch as the wider ad sizes are known to be more effective in enticing reader clicks as they can read the text more easily.

These are your top five banner sizes: 728x90px, 300x250px, 120x600, 160x600 300x600.


These key focus areas will help you design creative banners that increase brand awareness and encourage engagement:


  • A strong call to action that is the focal point of your ad
  • Value proposition should be seen first and therefore must occupy the most space on your ad
  • Buttons can increase CTR, use them
  • A clearly defined frame draws people‚Äôs eyes to a subject inside the frame
  • Visually, simpler is better
  • Animated trumps static
  • HTML5 trumps all.



Here is a link to the iab 2015 creative guidelines for display and mobile updated for HTML5