Post Click Tracking is great for measuring the effectiveness of an adcampaign after the viewer has clicked on the ad by using tags that measure the pages viewed on a website directly following a click through.

  1. Relying solely on clicks and CTR statistics can be short-sighted and detrimental to optimization efforts. Although it is common practice to optimize campaigns based on CTR, this does not necessarily yield more conversions (not all customers are clickers).
  2. Post click reporting is more accurate and reliable and provides an accurate measurement of activity while allowing advertiser to gauge ROI of a particular ad campaign.
  3. Post click tracking offers more insight into traffic that is interested in the ad campaign.
  4. Publishers and Advertisers are able to see where engagement on the site is highest based on post click tracking statistics.
  5. Allows for audience segmentation as well as re-targeting on the page visited by viewers post-click

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